Taxes & Accountability

Taxes...a word that inspires much discussion and emotion. "The rich don't pay enough!" "My taxes are too high!" "We need to hike taxes to pay for the things we need!" Personally, I think two things: taxes are too high and we need to pay taxes. In the world of big government politics, though, those who … Continue reading Taxes & Accountability

Freedom & American Exceptionalism: Part II

Philosophical Roots of America’s Founding America’s founding began long before 1776. Though America’s founding document, the Declaration of Independence, relied on the individual rights “…nature and nature’s God…” entitled us, the Declaration relied on the sacred and undeniable truth of natural law and self-government established by other thinkers to get to this point. Aristotle acknowledged … Continue reading Freedom & American Exceptionalism: Part II

Freedom & American Exceptionalism: Part I

In his Inaugural Address the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Wilson Reagan, affirmed his belief that America was exceptional, special and unique among nations. America’s long-standing success and liberty was perceived by nations around the world as a miracle of history. That miracle, Reagan believed, was the spirit found in individual Americans, and … Continue reading Freedom & American Exceptionalism: Part I